This Dad Goes Above And Beyond To Soothe His Baby Girl

This cutesy fussy tot refused to sleep unless daddy goes into her baby crib… and it’s just so hilariously adorable! If you are a parent, you might have experienced the same thing before. For sure, you would understand how difficult it is to get out of such situation.

We love our little ones so much, and probably do whatever it takes to make them feel better especially when they are crying. It’s true, they can be so much work sometimes, but the rewards of being a parent are totally worth it.


This adorable video of Nunzio Raso and his baby girl Michela became so popular ever since it was uploaded on Youtube. It was hilariously captioned “I decided that the only way that could keep this baby from crying is doing the unthinkable!” We love how he can’t resist to his daughter’s request, snuggling her until she falls back to sleep again.

I think we can all agree if we say that this dad deserves the “Father of the Year Award” for being so dedicated to his family. 🙂


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