This Dad Can’t Stay Mad At The Exploding Paint Kids

It’s true, kids will say and do the darndest things you can’t even imagine! Take these two cute brothers as an example. In this clip, you’ll witness these adorable boys caught red handed by their dad playing with house paint. The funniest thing is, the younger sibling was the evil mastermind behind the plot!

credits:Daniel Crowther

With all their faces covered in paint, dad tried so hard to give them a stern telling off, but it was a futile attempt. How could he stay mad at his paint-covered sons when they look so ridiculously funny?!

Just wait until you hear what these kids have to say to their father, and we bet you’ll have trouble keeping a straight face. I don’t think we would have reacted any differently. Most of the time it’s also a good thing to let our kids get all crazy with the yuckiest messes they can come up with because they usually turn out to be the best unforgettable memories worth keeping.


That being said, we scavenged the internet for more of these funny messy things kids do! 😉

1. These kids flooding the bathroom with bubbles.


2. Partners in crime?! Totally!


3. We guess dad will not be  shaving today…


4. Even tampons and sanitary pads are good as toys.


5. Busted!


6. The face of regret. 🙂


7. This kid who figured out how to avoid spanking.


8. This baby who made a huge mess out of raw eggs.


9. This kid who got overwhelmed with peanut butter.


10. And of course… do they even get the work done?!




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