This City’s Policeman Have Belong On Stage

This Czech policeman has become an overnight sensation when he was caught on video playing the public piano right on the busy streets of Prague. Who would have thought that a policeman, whose number one job is to protect us, is also a master pianist!


He caught the attention of some passersby who thankfully started filming him when he started playing ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma. He was on his break when he sat down and played the piano and gave people a little something extra as they went about their day. The growing audience was pleasantly stunned with what they had just witnessed.

According to news reports, the policeman/pianist just recently joined the forces when this video became viral. He was applauded by the Czech police chief for his amazing performance. The police chief even quoted these words “Paradoxically, this man may have done for the good name of the police more than I will ever do,” Červíček told Czech Television.

Talk about great PR!


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