This Cat’s Purr Is Purrrrrrfect!

We just found the cutest cat purr in the world…meet Tribble! For those who are familiar with Star Trek, you would probably figure out how he got his name when you hear it.

Tribble’s story is not just about his soothing purring. Unfortunately, the cute furball was rejected by his previous owners twice. Though he was already considered a senior cat, a loving couple still decided to give him a new home.

credits:Sho Ko

He just turned seven when Kimm and her husband adopted him. They also chose a female cat named “Turtle” as his companion. According to the new owners, at first, they wanted a younger cat and really didn’t have a choice. Kimm told his friend, “They chose us, really.”

Tribble is a great cat, very sweet and sociable. They also use him as a “test cat” when they have new puppies or dogs in the shelter. If Tribble likes them, they are considered as cat-friendly.

Are you planning to own a cat or a dog? Take a look around at the animal shelter first. There are hundreds of them eagerly waiting for a new home…. longing for your love and affection.



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