This Cat Will Give You The Best Hug You’ve Ever Had

Have you ever seen a cat behave in this way? We haven’t!

This affectionate cat named Franzie knows how to show love for his owner by stretching his way up to get a hug. According to the uploader, he loves giving these kitty hugs every time they need it. Now I want a hug! 😉

credits:Tricia Carr

Apparently, this is just one of the tricks in this felines bag.

He also knows how to wave his paw to ask for some attention.

He can sit and balance on his owner’s shoulders.

And even play fetch like a dog!

I think cats do indeed know how to show affection and this video proves it all. Most feline pets do show love. But sometimes, it is just a little to subtle for us to notice.

Without a doubt, these owners feel grateful and lucky to have such a sweet and affectionate ball of fur.


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