This Cat Never Thought It Would Be Joining The Mile High Club!

Attention, please return to your seat and put on your seat belt, we are expecting a little furbulence?

These people had no idea they had an extra passenger with them when they decided to go for a little flight. Just after take off this poor cat figured out real quick he was in the wrong place.

credits:romain jantot

According to the pilot, the cat was inside the wing of the plane, not on it. So yeah, all ailurophiles (cat lovers) out there, relax! The cat while terrified made the wise decision of staying put until the pilot quickly turned around and landed the plane.

The pilot told the woman not to mind the cat and to keep steady so miss fur ball wouldn’t panic and do something stupid. Yeah, the kitty is a ‘she’, according to the pilot. After a few moments of disbelief, they all managed to land safely!

We’re glad that the kitty made it back on solid ground safely but we’re pretty sure she gave up one of it’s nine lives.


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