This Baby Will Do Anything To Get Her Milk!

We were so nervous watching the beginning of this video because we were concerned about this baby’s safety.

C’mon! Baby by itself + stairs?! But it looks like she had already figured out the easiest and quickest way down a full flight of stairs… by sliding down on her stomach. Or what they call the “tummy slide” technique without getting any boo-boos.

Whew! Thank goodness, we can breathe now.


We have never seen a baby as fearless as this little girl! It seems like she will do anything to get her food, the fastest way possible. Now, that is one smart and fearless kid! She is totally is fine, no signs of any carpet burn whatsoever. We think she had already mastered travelling down the stairs like it’s no big deal and it seems like she enjoyed every second of it too.

Such a little cutie!


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