This 91 Year Old Lives Out His Dreams Of Being A Stuntman

This 91-year-old spring chicken in suburban Illinois, only had one thing on his bucket list and with the help of his family he was finally able to make it happen. Thanks to his amazing family, Walter Thomas is one happy great-grandfather.

Walter’s dream was to crash through a garage door in a car and smash it into pieces. I think his family would agree that his expression of childhood glee when he finally rammed through the garage was totally worth it. ‘That was easy,’ he said afterwards with a big grin.


His whole family was there to witness and share in the moment. Walter grandson who helped set it up was riding shotgun to make sure it all went according to plan. The SUV he used to crash the garage door was donated by a local body shop destined for the scrap yard. The garage door, on the other hand, was also destined to be torn apart for a new renovation project.

Every moment was worth watching and it was so awesome everything could come together to make Walter’s dream come true. We’re jealous, and now we have one more thing to add to our bucket list. I mean who hasn’t wanted to bust through a garage door Hollywood style? That was totally awesome.


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