This 19 Month Old Scales Walls Like A Pro!

A 19-month-old rock climbing? Are you impressed, we are! We are totally amazed. We actually have a 2 year old running around and there’s no way he’d be climbing like that! And to top it all off, Ellie Farmer scaled her first wall when she was only eight months old.

credits:Little Zen Monkey

Can you say prodigy? Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have two competitive rock climbers for parents. Ellie’s father actually built a small rock-climbing wall next to her crib. Now at 20 months old, Ellie is shooting for the moon. Her video’s have racked up over a million views and why wouldn’t they… Did we mention she’s only 20 months old?

Amazing! Ellie’s mom says that as soon as Ellie can fit into a harnes she’ll be scaling walls higher than 7 feet. I bet Ellie can’t wait.

Ellie even managed to book a spot on TV and appeared on The Ellen Show along with her parents. I think it’s safe to assume this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of Ellie and her rock climbing adventures.

Ellie together with her rock climbing parents were featured in the Ellen’s show.



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