Think You Know Weddings? This Flower-girl Will Set You Straight!

We thought you might enjoy this cuteness… so watch and learn from this young sassy girl as she gives a little lecture to her dad about proper manners in a wedding ceremony.

She probably knows more about weddings, than most of us! At such a young age, it’s surprising to see that she already knows how to be in control of the situation. Her name is JoJo Lomelino, and she is one flower girl you don’t want to mess with. 🙂

credits:JoJo Lomelino

In this video, she seriously explains to her dad the “do’s and don’ts” in a wedding, before she utters, “You do not understand weddings. At all.”

All she really wants is to make sure that dad doesn’t embarrass her by calling her name as she carries out her flower girl duties. Her words of caution include, “You can’t call my name when I’m going to be walking down the aisle. No one can call us because we’re going to be busy walking down the aisle.”

Oh my, she is too adorable and smart for her own good! She’s going to be quite the handful when she grows up!


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