They Threw A Pail Of Mud On These Guys And What Happened Next Is Unbelievable!

Get ready to be amazed! This revolutionary new super hydrophobic spray will dramatically repel any type of water-based and even some oil-based liquids when applied to any surface. It creates a barrier that can repel water, ice, oil, mud, eggs, some thick liquid and more.

credits:UltraTech International, Inc.

According to the manufacturer of Ultra-Ever Dry, the nano-coating technology used to coat an object is called omniphobic: a material that repels water and oil. In this video, you’ll get to witness the efficacy of this product by watching a number of experiment. Unfortunately, the product isn’t available to the public yet. It’s only being sold for industrial use at this time.

1. The spray can repel liquid on paper.

2. It also works for gadgets for example this timer.

3. Now here comes the tissue test. Adding a few drops of liquids for initial testing.

4. Now they gave it a shot and submerged two tissues underwater. One has been treated with the water repellant spray.

5. Here comes the tricky part. How about a cracked egg on a tissue?

6. It works on thick liquid like ketchup too!

7. Bread treated with spray? No problem!

8. How about testing absorbent cotton?

9. And finally, the mud test!

We couldn’t agree more, this water proofing spray is one of the most coolest products of the new generation!


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