They Said He’d Never Walk But Seeing His Dad Changed It All

There’s something especially heartwarming about military homecoming video’s. Soldiers put themselves in danger for us and have to be separated from their families for months on end. Their families also share the burden being separated from their loved ones for so long. When they finally get to reunite it’s an awesome site and we’re happy we get to share in it.


In December 2014, U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney arrived home from a tour in Afghanistan. He was expecting to be the one surprising his family but ended up being the one who was surprised as something unforgettable happened. As he enters the gymnasium at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, he was greeted by his six-year-old son Michael.

Michael suffers from cerebral palsy and his doctors told him he’d never walk again.

Michael proved them wrong. Michael practiced walking day and night with the help of his mother Melissa and his teachers. Through Michael’s sheer determination Jeremy witnessed his son walking for the first time.

According to NBC News, Jeremy described it as the happiest moment of his life. This video had definitely brought tears to our eyes.


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