They Make Him Think He’s Been In A Coma For 10 Years. Wait Till You Find Out Why.

Tom Mabe and Jim Clark came up with an ingenious prank to teach their friend Ray a lesson after fifth DUI. They managed to convince Ray that he had been in a coma for almost 10 years after his latest DUI. They set up a real hospital room, equipped with a hospital bed, medical equipment, and even real life hospital staff.


To top it all off they even has a news segment filmed as it were 10 years from now. From Miley Cyrus getting evicted off her trailer house to Hilary Clinton attacking Canada and even Justin Bieber settling his relationship with Dale Earnhardt Jr are hilarious indeed. Even with the laughs from the news segment the whole situation is a bit depressing.

Drunk driving is no laughing matter and we hope this time Ray gets the message. We applaud his friends for helping him realize the consequences of his misconduct and hopefully this prank teaches him a lesson.

At the very least take the idiot’s license away!


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