They Killed a Moose And They Want Her To Eat It?

Getting your wisdom teeth pulled is no laughing matter. It leaves you dazed and confused with a swollen mouth. The after effects of anesthesia are pretty miserable too. Luckily an age old cure for the wisdom teeth blues is a pint of ice cream to help soothe a swollen mouth.


Well, maybe not so much for this girl. Thankfully her mom caught the whole thing on video tape and for us, her wisdom teeth removal is a laughing matter. Such an unforgettable moment for  mother and daughter!

Watch this video as this poor girl goes from believing that she’ll never get her first kiss because she can’t feel her tongue, blaming the because the dentist for removing it, to thinking her mom is trying to get her to eat an actual moose when she gets handed a pint of “moose tracks” ice cream!

We’ll take the ice cream 🙂 moose and all!


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