These Kids Are Devastated With What Their Dads Tell Them

Are you a living survivor of dad jokes?

If so, you might relate to the horror recounted by these kids. Watch their looks of devastation when one by one they recite the lame jokes their dads told them.

At first we thought this video is  no laughing matter, but once it started sinking in, we were in tears with laughter! We all have dads and they can be possibly the best,  or even more likely, the worst comedians you’ll ever meet in your life. This video has gone viral in the United States when Nickelodeon in Australia released it to commemorate Father’s Day on September 6. People on Facebook swarmed to the comments section to commiserate with their own horrendous dad joke experiences.

This is a hilarious collection of terrible dad jokes these kids have to live through. For the dads out there, we love you. Never stop telling those lame jokes!



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