These Guys Put Synchronized Swimmers To Shame In Their School Gym

I think if anything… this video just might prove that Japan has way to much time on their hands. The movement or exercise in the video is called, “shuudan koudou” which means ‘Collective Action” or group movement. It’s a bit similar to military marching exercises or marching band movements but as you can see a bit more complex. Apparently this tradition has been performed in Japan for almost 47 years now.


According to an article written by Oddity Central, to get routines like this down it takes practicing at least 3 days a week, for five months straight. The students are instructed to perform exercises to stay in shape. And it probably worked out.. they ended up walking almost 1,200 kilometers, or 745 miles, during their practice. That’s just about the distance between Paris and Rome. I wonder how many pairs of shoes they go through. Regardless, I’d hate to be in a Fit Bit Challenge against these kids…


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