These Corgi Pups Are Out For Blood… And Awwwws

We love everything about Welsh corgis. Their big adorable smiles, perky ears, short stubby legs, tiny paws, and the way they waddle as they walk. The breed has taken the world by storm and are quickly rising in the ranks of dogs to have— Heck we even want one!

Maybe it’s because Corgi is a welsh word just like gwylio! The name corgi means ‘Dwarf dog’ in Welsh which we think is a pretty apt description 😀

credits:[email protected] corgi

You’ll love corgis even more after you watch this video. These lil pups are on the hunt and have a taste for camera!

Too much cuteness that’s for sure. It is so addictive that we just can’t stop watching them over, and over again. Who wouldn’t? Even the royal Queen Elizabeth II is so fond of them that she had owned over thirty corgis in her lifetime. Right now she has two of them named Holly and Willow.


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