These Charismatic Creatures Will Mesmerized You

All throughout the years we have all been amazed at these old world lizards’ abilities to mimic their surroundings by changing their colors. Get ready to be fascinated even more National Geographic shows our favorite charismatic creatures in motion.

credits:National Geographic

Many of us still believe that chameleons change their color to blend in with their surroundings or what we call camouflaging, but modern scientists disagree. This is now regarded as a myth because recent studies show that light that reflects off their skin, temperature, and mood cause chameleons to change their colors. They also use this ability to communicate and to put themselves in a more relax state.

Even with these recent findings, scientists still believe that there is a lot more to learn from these creatures especially since there are more than 200 species of them on this planet. It just sad to know that some of those species are close to becoming extinct due to urbanization. These creatures badly need our help to prevent them from becoming endangered.


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