These Baby Pandas Love Playing Together!

We have two words that best describe what this video is all about — cuteness overload! This might be the most adorable moment you’ll witness this week. Sure cat’s might own the internet but this week, we are panda watching!

credits:Chengdu PAW

We just can’t stop watching this!

Thanks to Chengdu Panda Base (the hometown of the giant panda), for their work on protecting and preserving one of the world’s most endangered species. Their facility is a world-renowned breeding and research center who partners with many organizations such as Zoo Atlanta from Georgia, to improve conservation efforts for giant pandas. Currently, they have the largest controlled breeding population in the world.

According to, there were only 92 giant pandas in captivity in 1989 when the Committee of Breeding Techniques for Giant Pandas was founded. After 26 years of persistent effort, the number of giant pandas in captivity has increased to 425 as of November 1, 2015. Such a big achievement and we hope they continue helping these amazing creatures.

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