The Worlds Smallest Sheep Herder Is Beyond Adorable!

This pup may be small, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in confidence! Two Australian kelpie puppies are learning how to herd sheep, but this 4-month-old Pekingese fluffball takes over and shows them how it’s done in this hilarious video!

His name is Percy and this little guy definitely has a lot of heart.

credits:Bearkayla’s channel

The sheep is probably five times the size of tiny Percy, but when Percy runs up and barks, this sheep gets up and takes notice! The two other dogs also appear to respect the little Pekingese’s sheepherding game and let him take control. The dogs’ owners are beside themselves with laughter at the spectacle that took place when this pint-sized furball ran the show.

We also agreed and chuckled along with one of the remarks made from one of the owners on the video–“Sheep are even stupider than what I thought.”



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