The Way These Guys Move A Couch Three Floors Down Is Genius

Moving from one house to another can be an incredibly difficult and boring job, especially if you have big furniture and the apartment you’re moving out of is three floors up.

Well, not for these guys, because they managed to figured out a clever and creative hack on how to complete this daunting task.

credits:RM Videos

Apparently to move out a big sofa you only need three ropes and two sacks of heavy weights, and problem solve! In the beginning, we are just waiting to see the couch crash and burn because it sure as heck doesn’t look like the ropes can handle a heavy couch. Even the wife filming the video had her doubts too. But to everyone’s surprise, instead of a flying couch it gracefully slid safely on the ground.

So, congratulation for a job well done! We couldn’t agree more when the wife said, “You guys might just have started a new business”.


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