The Cat Burglar Strikes Again!

Shamelessly stealing the neighborhood stuff… The original cat burglar strikes again! He has come to gather all your most precious belongings. His favorite of them all?! Those pretty bikini outfits! We know, it’s quite funny and unbelievable! But trust us, this cat really exist.


Meet ‘Dusty,’ aka ‘Klepto The Cat.’ Enjoying the rush of being bad, he hoarded over six hundred neighbors’ items for the past three years. Well, by the look of it, he’s not going to stop stealing anytime soon.

The hilarious clip first aired on San Francisco TV station KGO and was featured again in KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Animal Planet folks had set-up an intricate plan to catch the feline culprit in action using a night vision camera.

To their shock, almost eleven items were looted by Dusty on that evening alone! Although found guilty due to this strong physical evidence, no arrest warrant would be served to this fluffy lawbreaker. 😉


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