Thailand Restaurant Cook’s Epic Fail

This guy lit the roof on fire with his cooking! But it wasn’t because his food was all that great, he literally lit the roof on fire!

It’s apparent on this video that the cook just wanted to show off his master chef cooking techniques to impress some tourists. Instead he went a little overboard pouring in too much alcohol to the mix. That caused a little panic when the huge flames caused the thatched roof to catch on fire. It’s a good thing Gordon Ramsay wasn’t there. The chef never would have heard the end of it.


Thank goodness no one was hurt and the flames were immediately put out. It’s probably a safe bet the toursists decided on somewhere else for lunch. It’s not every day you get close to being burned alive eating out.

We’re not even sure if the chef continued cooking after what just happened. But one thing is for certain, he’ll probably use a little less flame and a little more charm the next time he gives a demonstration.


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