Sparkle Ball? Find Out How Amazing They Are And How To Make Them

Creating this simple, festive circlet sparkle ball using plastic cups and LED lights is super easy, and it won’t drain your wallet! This DIY sparkle ball is sure to catch the eyes of your guests. The best part is, you can get this project done in less than an hour!


You don’t even have to wait for Christmas to make this handmade decoration, as you can use this for any event lighting. LED lights for children’s parties or simple family gatherings is a cost effective approach that adds big impact to the ambiance of the place. It is also safe, because LED bulbs are cool to the touch, even if they are in use. Thus, they’re also perfect to use with the plastic cups.

Add an instant twinkle to your outdoor or indoor decor with the use of this sparkle ball. I should say, from a multitude of inspiration for lighting ideas, this is one of the best and the most inexpensive concept.

Here’s how to make it:


  •         50 plastic cups
  •         50 Christmas LED lights
  •         Stapler
  •         3 pieces clothes pins
  •         Drill


1. Using a drill, make a hole on the bottom part of each plastic cup. Drill a hole right in the center of each cup.

2. Make a circle using 12 cups and staple them together.

3. Make another circle on top using just 9 cups. Use the clothes pin each time you add and staple a cup to prop it up.

4. Make another circle on top using only 4 cups. This is half of the ball
5. Repeat the same process to make the other half of the ball.

6. Once you have completed putting the cups together, insert the LED lights into the hole of each cup. Repeat the procedure on the other half of the ball.

7. Next step is to put the cups altogether. Again, secure it with staples to make a whole ball.

Now, you have an awesome and unique sparkle ball that you can put up not just every Christmas, but for any other parties, you’ll be throwing at home, as well.