Slingshot Ride Snaps In Mid-Air

It doesn’t get much more terrifying than this! Warning, this video is not for people who get scared on amusement rides. You might never ride another one, ever!

This shocking incident happened at Luna Park at Cap d’Agde on the Mediterranean coast in southern France. Watch the frightening moment when the cable snaps on the way down which leaves the two passengers dangled in the air for a grueling hour they’ll never forget. People who witnessed the horror at the scene were also in shocked and probably traumatized by what they have seen. We can guarantee they’ll never go on the slingshot.


One of the passengers, a 24-year-old woman sustained a broken leg and was taken to a hospital for urgent treatment. Luckily the other rider escaped injury. According to the news, the theme park blamed the incident on a ‘manufacturing defect’ in the elastic. The theme park ride has now been closed and it is currently under investigation.


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