Slice All Your Cherry Tomatoes In One Go

If you’ve got a bunch of cherry tomatoes to cut it can be a real pain in the you know where to cut them one at a time. Well thanks to Blake Smith of here’s a quick way to to cut bunches of cherry tomatoes in one slice by following 3 easy steps. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first!


All you need for this hack is a bunch of cherry tomatoes, two identical plastic lids, and a very sharp knife.

1.Place all the tomatoes you’ll need on one lid.

2.Place the other lid on top of the tomatoes. Make sure you hold down the lid with one hand to keep them in place.

3.Begin slicing!

That’s it and it’s not just for cherry tomatoes! Super simple and from now on you’ll never have to slice cherry tomatoes one at a time.


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