Prolonged Sitting Is Killing You

What’s one big thing to ditch in order to get healthy? Cigarettes, alcohol, greasy burgers, ice cream sundaes, chocolate cake? Some stunning news may alarm you — your chair may be your biggest health risk! We all know it’s important to exercise, but if you sit too much, hitting your 10,000 step goal may not be enough.


A lot can go wrong with our health when we sit for nearly eight hours per day, even if we workout. According to medical studies, sitting can elevate the risk of death by up to 40 percent. It can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and even anxiety.

The video explains why sitting increases your risk for disease, and some easy steps and tricks to counteract the “sitting effect.” So, don’t just sit there! Follow these essential tips that can help you overcome the dangerous and nasty effects of prolonged sitting.


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