Singing Dad Feeds His Son Green Beans

This Dad surely knows how to build a strong connection with his son. Any parent can strengthen their connection with their baby simply by just being there. But, this Dad is taking parenting to the next level by making feeding time with baby enjoyable. Plus he’s got a good singing voice, too!

credits:Charles Only

This video shows a perfect example of good parenting, and how the Mom has involved the father in taking a share of their baby-raising tasks. It may look so simple, but it surely is one of the many ways that’s beneficial in nurturing a deeper connection between the baby and the father.

So, Dads out there, never presume that only mothers can develop and maintain a stronger connection with your children than you will. As long as you spend time with your kid, be it during feeding time or playing, singing nursery rhymes to put your baby to sleep, rest assured that a strong bond will develop between the two of you.

Could it be that this cute kiddo is a picky eater, and Dad is just taking the pressure off? Well, pureed green beans aren’t always what babies like to have anyway. 😉


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