She Does Things With A Bicycle That Will Blow Your Mind.

Meet Nicole Frýbortová – krasojízd, a 21-year old artistic cyclist who represented the country of Slovakia in the EMS Cup. Despite not winning the championship title, her video has gone viral on the internet since it was uploaded.

Watch her do her stunning moves on a bike while spinning effortlessly. Her performance is so beautiful that it will take your breath away!

credits:Ivan Savinov

Nicole started artistic cycling when she was just seven years old. Though the sport is not very common, she fell in love with the stunts the moment she first found out about it. She has joined Czech Cycling Federation and now competes for Slovakia. This November, she has another competition to attend to at the World Championships in Malaysia.

According to, for artistic cycling, Nicole uses a fixed-gear bike without brakes. The fixed gear allows her to control speed and pedal backward while standing up.


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