See The Biggest Heart In The World

Watch the video closely to take a look at the biggest heart seen by humans in the world! The discovery of the dead blue whale found washed ashore in Newfoundland, Canada that measures 76.5 feet in length, was led by a team of experts from Royal Ontario Museum. The poor creature died after becoming trapped in ice but because of this, the scientists saw a big opportunity to dissect and examine the animal’s internal organs.


According to, the old tales about how big a heart of a whale could be was finally proven false. Ms. Jacqueline Miller, a mammalogy technician from the museum, quoted, “I was expecting something the size of a car, but found a heart more like the size of maybe a small golf cart or circus bumper car for two,”

Blue whales are believed to be the largest mammals to roam the world. A full grown adult can weigh up to 190,000 kg, measuring 30 meters in length. This is by far one of the greatest discovery we had witnessed this year and the first time in history that a blue whale heart has been anatomically preserved.


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