Say Cheese! Watch Her Capture It All While He Thinks She’s Taking A Picture

We aren’t exactly sure what’s going through his head when he makes the face that he does, but we know the camera woman isn’t missing a beat to mess with him.

This photographer grabbed the opportunity and pulled an awesome prank, capturing these funny –or should we say crazy–moments. While he was doing his funny expression like an inner spirit is being released, the guy was completely unaware that he was being filmed!


His name is Sam Aupouri and the woman filming the video is Hannah Martin. All that Sam ever wanted is to have a decent Pukana video and what he got was a video which is way more hilarious! This is probably one of the best pranks she has ever pulled off. Too bad we didn’t see his reaction after he finds out he was being fooled. Here’s to you dude, may you live on forever in internet infamy!


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