Save Extra Cash With These 8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks

Get the most out life without sacrificing your extra bucks by learning these simple dollar store hacks. Forgetting that weekend fun because you don’t have a wide space and an expensive griller? Now you can plan that today by following the portable DIY griller which can save you time and money. Toys too expensive? Worry no more because you can now let the whole family play with just some cups, water, and a few balls. Now you can definitely create more fun memories without the pain in your pocket!



DIY Cheap Griller

1. Get a deep roaster pan (you may use 2 if you want to use it as a lid), 2 pieces of cooling racks and charcoal.
2. You may put it on top of a rock, cement or on top of the table and use one of the racks to protect your table.
3. Add the coals and heat up.


DIY Plastic Wraps

Sometimes during an outing, you may loose some of your lids and to protect your food from flies or from any impurities, use shower caps. Buy a pack of shower caps and use it as an alternative for pricey plastic wraps. The good thing is shower caps are more flexible and reusable.


DIY Decorative Center Piece

You will need 2 LED candles, 2 mason jars with lids, coasters, stickers, flowers or any decorative accessories.

  1. For a basic centerpiece; place the LED candles in the lid.  Fasten the jar in an upside down position and you’re done.
  2. To create an illuminating centerpiece; place jars upright.
  3. Put the LED candles inside and fasten the jars.
  4. Go imaginatively wild you may Insert the flowers into the straw holes add up some stickers depending on your creativity.


DIY Eco-friendly Dryer Sheets

Save tons of money by converting 12 loads of wipes into 150 uses. Quite clever? Yeah!

  1. Get a pack of heavy duty reusable wipes and cut it up to 150 single dryer sheets.
  2. In another container, mix 1 cap of fabric conditioner with a cap of water.
  3. Soak the sheets and allow them to absorb the mixture. Add 1 more cap of fabric conditioner and water and mix thoroughly.
  4. Then press out excess water and allow the sheets to individually dry.
  5. Place in a securely closed container.

To use them toss them to your clothes when spinning them to dry. You may repeat the process of mixing after you have used all the sheets.


Cheap Ice Pack for Bruises

  1. Just soak a sponge in the water.
  2. Place it in a resealable plastic /ziplock/sandwich bag.
  3. Get as much air out of the bag and seal.
  4. Place it into another bag and seal. Put it in the freezer for an hour.
  5. To give the sponge a gel-like form and retain coldness much longer, add some rubbing alcohol and dishwashing soap.


DIY Trash Receptacle

Reinvent the use of a plastic food container into a mini trash bin. Just put lining around the rim with a grocery bag. Add adhesive or Velcro on the bottom to keep it place while driving.


Cheap Body Cream

  1. In a container put lotion or petroleum jelly, add cocoa butter and shea butter too for that extra moisture. (Just make an approximate in the mixture, depending on how you wanted your body cream to be).
  2. Add some drops of essential oils too to add more relaxing feel on the cream.
  3. Whisk to blend all the creams together for almost 2 minutes until you achieve that frosting- like texture.
  4. Seal in a container and oooh-la-la, smooth hand and body cream on the go.



Beer Pong

Last but not the least fun of all is a simplified version of Beer Pong Game which can be played by all ages. The best part is you can play it as long as you have long table,  party cups, water, and balls. On each opposing ends, arrange 6 cups in a triangle. Fill the cups with water up to the brim. Don’t forget to put extra wash cups on each side, for you don’t want to get those balls too messy. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all of the opponents’ cups before they eliminate yours. Agree on some house rules and get the fun started!

Have fun, save money and be creative!


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