Robot On A Fixed-Gear Bike, Can Balance, Steer And Correct Itself

Masahiko Yamaguchi is the creator of what’s possibly the world’s first robot to ride a miniature fixed gear bike using the same mechanics we humans do. The bipedal bike riding robot goes by the name ‘Primer V2′. Yamaguchi’s field of study lies in artificial intelligence. This is the reason why he created the robot: “So my purpose in creating this robot was to pursue intelligence from the skills side. While I was thinking of suitable topics, my local science museum demonstrated a cycling robot. So I decided to consider cycling as the skill, and build a bicycling robot.”

credits:DigInfo TV

It’s pretty slick to to see that it can ride a bicycle just like us. It can stand upright, balance using the handlebars, steer, come to a complete stop by taking its feet off the pedals and planting them on the ground, and to top it all off Primer V2 can wave to the audience all while riding the tiny bike.

They are taking over the world, one pedal at a time…


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