This Is The Right Way To React To Star Wars

Have you seen the recent Star Wars movie yet? We totally nerded out when we found out they were making a new one and you can sure as heck bet that we were there in line waiting for the midnight screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Chances are, you’ve already seen it. (But just in case we won’t give you any spoilers). If yer like us then you loved it and we bet you are going to also love the video of this cute little girl too. What you are about to see is the most adorable and happiest reaction to Star Wars ever!

It’s pretty much how we felt too!

credits:Kenneth Carnes

According to her dad’s Reddit comment (under the username noteverjoe), his daughter didn’t watch the whole movie yet, she had only seen the trailer.¬†She only knew who the characters were because she owns a “Star Wars The Force Awakens” sticker book.

He and his daughter spent a lot of time peeling off the stickers one by one and sticking them in the book. As she did she’d ask which character is was. That’s why when she saw the characters come to life on the screen she got so overwhelmed.

Dad is thrilled his daughter’s clip made a lot of people smile. He mentioned, “I thought her reaction really captured how I felt on the inside about the new film.”


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