This Puppy Knows Whose Boss!

We’ve watched this video a ton. We love watching this little cutie as she trains her dog, a Labradoodle, to follow what she says to get a treat. The doting little girl asks the Labradoodle to shake paws alternately and as the dog panders to the cutie’s command, he knows he’s going to get a treat. Hadley’s determination in teaching Gauge how to shake paws is awesome!

Source: Little girl adorably trains her puppy by ChrisDeon on Rumble

This clip, which was recorded by Hadley’s Dad, shows that indeed, some dog breeds do get along with children. And a great companion, too! Little Hadley sure does know how to make Gauge follow her. How cute. I think you will agree with me that this video definitely deserves an instant replay. Not just once, I’d say.

Check back into this site within a week or two, and I am pretty sure that this endearing video of Hadley and Gauge will almost certainly still be making everyone’s day.


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