Predict The Weather With This DIY Storm Glass?

Here’s a video that will take you through the steps of making a storm glass; a smart device that can give you a weather update!


The storm glass or chemical barometer already exist in 1750 but was not popularly known and used until the 19th century. The crystals in a chemical barometer are made up of three solid components that were dissolved in the heat but somehow form a mass on their own as the climate conditions change every day. Note that the amount of each component used in making a storm glass may need to be adapted to your local climate, since storm-glass instruments were all intended for use in cold climate zones. Are you ready to predict the weather? Follow the instructions below, and start making your storm glass today!


  • Vodka, 100 Proof (50% Ethanol) – 300 mL
  • Camphor – 28g (1oz)
  • Potassium Nitrate – 10g
  • Ammonium Chloride – 10g


1. Pour in 300 ml of vodka in a jar
2. Add 1 cube of camphor to the vodka
3. Add 10 g potassium nitrate
4. Add 10 g ammonium chloride
5. In a pot lightly heat some water then immerse the jar to dissolve all the solid components. This will show you the degree to which one substance is able to dissolve in another
6. While heating, cover the jar lightly. Do not use a tight cover as this will cause pressure to build up inside the jar
7. Put a couple of ice cubes on the lid to reduce any alcohol that may evaporate
8. Turn off the burner once all the solids have dissolved and allow the water to cool down before you put the sealing ring of the jar
9. Place in a non-climate controlled area in your house

To reset your storm glass, place the jar in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes. Wait for the old crystals to dissolve completely. Always loosen the jars’ lid when reheating to prevent pressure build-up.


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