This Power Drill Scrubber Will Help Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half

They say “don’t work hard, work smart” and this applies to almost everything in life just like cleaning the house. Well, you could be frustrated already yet you have not achieved the kind of clean that you ever wanted. It’s like you have spent 80% of your energy and yet you only get 10% satisfaction rating. Harsh right? This video tutorial might save you so much energy and time and get that work done.


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You will need some bolt, washer, machine screw, soap dispenser brush and a power drill.

The first thing to do is attach the soap dispenser brush to your drill by placing the bolt in the hole of the brush. Put the washer and tighten with a knot. Attach to the power drill and adjust or tighten to avoid it from falling off.


After attaching the brush to your power drill you are now ready to rumble all that dirt and tough stains. Use it on the tiles, cleaning your bikes, toilet and almost everything except for fragile objects or surface as it may damage or break it.


Simply clever.

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Get Your Power Drill At Amazon



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