Polish Trampolinist Saved By An Alert Spotter

If anyone deserved a medal that day it was the spotter. Check out this video of a spotter saving some trampoliners life!

Trampolining is a mesmerizing sport. Actually, we aren’t sure why it’s a sport… but it’s still pretty cool in our books. These guys and gals can can jump up to 33 ft, somersaulting and twisting through the air. Just think about it for a second. Falling from that high is the same as falling out a third story window. You can see why they have mats and spotters all around the the trampoline. A single I’ll timed miss by jumpers and it’s pretty much curtains for them!

credits:Baku 2015 European Games

Luckily for the jumper in the video, his spotter was on the ball. Without hesitating he throws himself under the jumper and catches him. If you watch carefully, the poor spotters chin takes a good thumping. It was well worth it as both spotter and jumper lived to see another competition.

He really used his head to save that guy, give him a medal or something! At least a raise?


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