Plates, Check… Ping Pong Ball, Check… Way To Much Time? Double Check…

With all the gadgets in our lives, we usually end up spending most of our free time up to our ears with out phones, laptops and other gadgets with soul sucking screens. Trick shot expert Mathieu Clausse has probably little time for them. Or it could be he has way too much time in his hand, maybe?


Mathieu spends his free time playing and practicing with ping pong balls and dinner plates. He likes to throw ping pong balls and bounce them off to land perfectly on each plate to make what seems like what should be impossible shots into a glass.

Check out how he shows off his amazing ping pong ball trick shots with the use of ordinary household items. You might think it’s tricky filming or editing but nope. He does it for real. His shots get more complicated while the video progress. You might think ultimately it’s pointless but it does make for one heck of a video!


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