Owner’s DIY Nike Prosthetic Paw For His Dog Is Simply Awesome!

Have you seen a limping dog? Sure, dogs can’t talk but this is a sign that something ain’t right. Accidents do happen on animals too. But for this 10-year old golden retriever, his is a different story.


As captioned by the dog owner, Don Chernoff, “Sunny had his paw amputated to remove a tumour. His new prosthetic paw kept breaking under the stress of such a big dog, so I redesigned it to work better using my old Nike Zoom Vapor 9 tennis shoes. It works much better and now Sunny is a Nike dog! Roger Federer would be proud.”

Nike Faux Paw 3


It sure is difficult for Sunny to move after the operation. Luckily, he has been blessed with an understanding and resourceful owner who made a way for him. For his pet, Don may not have second thoughts revamping his old Nike shoe, but for Sunny, this is a big thing.

Nike Faux Paw 3
Go Nike Dog!
nike faux paw


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