Nothing Is Good Enough For This Puppy Except 1 Thing

This cute fluffy puppy maybe too young, but he is clever enough to know what he really wants. Nope, he is not craving for biscuit treats, not even for a squeaky toy, which is kind of weird for a dog. Because, seriously what dog doesn’t enjoy begging for treats from their humans.

Not for this little yelp, though.

He wasn’t interested in anything except for one thing… his binky! Not only he did he chose to take it over everything else, he simply refuses to let go of it once he has it. Like he was saying “take everything, except for my pacifier!” This clip made us laugh so hard that we are rolling on the floor!

credits:Brad weal

We think it’s safe to say that some animals can really do some pretty smart things. They never fail to fascinate us with their wit. This has to be one of the most adorable videos we’ve seen this week!


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