No Dogs Allowed Says The Cat

In a cat’s point of view, they are indeed superior. This funny video shows that felines do show some attitude sometimes. Clearly, they are pretty much annoyed by the presence of dogs. Why are dogs afraid of walking past cats? It’s probably because canines know that felines do have that nasty habit to wait to the last minute, and then attack and leap on their target.


Unlike dogs, cats are a little harder to train. They are very stubborn and uncooperative. Felines have a strange social structure. Commonly, female cats are solitary and independent, compared to canines that are usually raised and trained for a purpose. This probably explains why it’s tough for a pet cat to understand its dog companion. Instead of seeing that other pet as a friend, it sees the pup as its rival.

Well, you can say that this video shows cats’ marking behaviors. It’s like saying to the dog to stop right there, this is my territory. Cats can seem downright mean, do you agree?


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