Never Live With A Cluttered Closet Again With These Simple Hacks

Do you believe that your closet can give you mood swings? Or rather it can turn stressful mornings into calm and relaxed ones? Yes, It can! Definitely, closets can contribute a lot in starting your day right. You wouldn’t want to be wasting precious minutes digging around a cluttered closet only to find yourself late for work or school in the morning. Certainly, people should learn how to really organize their closets.


We personally know someone who takes out one of her old shirts from her closet once she purchased a new shirt, to avoid having too many clothes piled up in the future. This can be one way to avoid having a disorganized closet.

Learning how to visualize and know exactly where and how you want your clothes to be arranged is one tip to start with. Read on for more of these closet organizing hacks.

1. Sort

Sort your wardrobe before you begin organizing everything. Stash or donate those that you don’t use anymore or those that are already out of fashion. You can classify your clothes in groups like those you love to wear or your “favorites,” those you feel most comfortable in, and those you plan to give away or maybe re-purpose for craft ideas that you are planning to do. With your “favorites,” you can separate them into categories like career outfits, leisure wear, formal wear, house clothes or drawer bound foldable and others. To organize your closet you must also separate suits from pants, skirts from blouses and shoes or bags from accessories.
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2. Arrange your clothes by color

When it comes to closet organization techniques, not everyone follows the same style. It’s your own closet, so you can decide on how you want to arrange it by color. It would be helpful to categorize your clothing, first and foremost, according to types before color-coding your closet. Divide your closet space, so you’ll have room for long or short dresses, tank tops, and bottoms. This will help you dressed a breeze, especially when you are in a hurry.

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3. Use identical hangers

Opt for good quality hangers of the same size and color. This is another best way to make your chaotic closet look neat and tidy. Hanging your clothes on identical hangers also creates a consistent appearance. Not all of us have the luxury of space when it comes to our wardrobe organizer. So it would be very helpful to be a bit more inventive. Also, invest on clothe’s hangers with sliding hooks or clip for your jeans and skirts.

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4. Use multilevel hangers

If you have a small closet space, get one or a couple of those multilevel hangers. They’re perfect for hanging long skirts. The best thing is that you can hang multiple items in this type of hangers. Don’t make picking out an outfit for the day a grueling task. You will be missing out on other more important things, just because you spent too much time looking for the dress that you want to wear.

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5. Scarf hanger is a must

Scarves have the need for some good organization, so you don’t find them scattered all over your closet. Get a nice scarf hanger. Pick the size that will hold quite a few pieces of scarves, so it doesn’t get a little bulky when you hang it in your closet. If you don’t own one, you can use your ordinary hanger to convert into a scarf hanger using shower curtain rings attached to it and presto! You have a scarf hanger ready to use! But wait, you can also use this scarf hanger to hang belts or body bags. Useful, it is.

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6. Use the top space of your closet

Don’t you know that storing your clothes improperly can end up in stretched, tangled and worn fabrics? Surely, you wouldn’t like your favorite blouse to get ripped or your tank top deformed. So, you’ve got to make the best use of space when it comes to clothing organization. Avoid overstuffing the middle and lower part of your closet by using the top space. The top space of your closet is where you can stash out of season clothes, as well as, clothes that you seldom use. You can also buy deep shelf boxes made of canvas that you can use to keep other stuff. These bins are great to use because they are lightweight, easy to carry and slide-out of the shelf. It allows you to easily access items that you need.

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7. DIY drawer dividers

Make the most of your boxes on the top shelf of your closet by producing your own dividers. You can use a cardboard to make a drawer separator, and fit it in the box to keep smaller items neatly stored. No space for storing your shoes and sandals? A perfect solution to store them is by making a customized shoe organizer using cardboards or you can purchase a ready-made one from a hardware near you. If you lack closet space for this, store them under your bed. With this tip, you can now use all the available space in your closet but efficiently organized.

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The art of space saving can help you easily organize your closet. Just keep in mind: sort, stash and let go of your clothes you don’t need any more. Seeing everything in your closet clearly keeps you from the hassle and difficulty of mix matching clothes.



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