Nerf Gun Assault On A Bald Head

Ready, Aim, Fire!

To beat the boredom, this mischievous kid found the perfect target for his nerf gun. His target? His dad’s shiny chrome dome! It takes a pretty cool dad to put up with that. Fun times all around. Oh well, no one said being a parent was easy!


We love the reaction of some of the Reddit commenters in this video. Our most favorite is this comment, “The best part is just how casual everyone is while this is happening. It’s like. “Oh look, Jimmy is shooting Nerf darts at dad’s head again.” Obviously, this is what the situation looks likes. It seems like it’s just another normal day in their house. Dad’s reading a kindle not minding his kid whose killing time by shooting nerf darts at his bald head. Kids really do the craziest and funniest things and most of the time they are just simply awesome!


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