Must Watch! Taser Impact On Bare Skin In Slow Motion!

We love video in slow motion. It can be memorizing to watch. Check out this slow motion video of some guy testing out what it feels like to be tased.

The Slow Mo Guys are here once again to show us another breathtaking video. This time, they reveal what a taser gun looks like when it hits bare skin in super slow motion (28,500 frames per second). Gavin Free, one of the Slow Mo Guys, went to Scottsdale, Arizona to document a taser being fired at a human target. A taser delivers high voltages at non lethal currents which cause muscles to momentarily paralyzed incapacitating the victim. It’s said to be non lethal yet excruciatingly painful.

credits:The Slow Mo Guys

This video was filmed using a Phantom v2511 camera and they don’t come cheap. According to this article, A Phantom v2511 camera can cost you a whopping $150,000!

Here’s a little gif to see how his whole body was racked with pain after he was shot with the electroshock weapon.


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