Must Watch, Funny High-Speed Motorized Animal Racing

If Formula 1 is the pinnacle of auto racing, this might be the pinnacle of the funniest and cutest animal motor racing you’ll ever see… and we are dead serious about this! 🙂

The intriguing race video was captured at a Carrefour shopping mall in Kalisz, Poland by Pawel Oscypek Kozuch. The line-up of contenders on the said race competition are in full motorcycle racing gear equipped with helmets, boots, gloves, and protection. The hilarious part is, instead of real motorcycles, they were driving motorized plush animals in super slow speed inside the mall.

Can you believe this type of auto racing never existed before? We’ve never laughed so hard watching people race until we saw this video. According to, this video entitled “Tour De Carrefour” was originally posted back in 2012. It just recently became viral when it was reuploaded by another Youtube user who shared it on Reddit.

We still wonder, who won the championship? Then again do we really need a winner?


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