Must Watch: Cute Little Kid’s Attempt To Break A Taekwondo Board

Being passionate in what you do isn’t an age thing. A great example is this adorable kid who is really determined to earn his first Taekwondo. In order to do it he has to do just one last thing and that’s to break the board being held by his instructor. This little guy puts his heart into it and a whole lot of cuteness but the darned board just won’t break. Talk about true perseverance! His cute way of stamping the board is absolutely hilarious. The spectators and his fellow classmates seemed to love it too.


Finally in the end he manages to smash through the board earning himself his belt and thousands of adoring internet fans. He is now an official white belt holder.

Congratulations for a job well-done kiddo!

This saying from Angel Chernoff sums it all up:

“If you are passionate about it, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s how dreams are achieved”.


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