Most Awesome Christmas Card Ever!

Doesn’t everyone love to get real mail, especially a great card at Christmas time?

Birdbox, a London-based modern animation studio, issued a stunner of a card or what looks like an animated flip-book, outdoing all the family portraits and long, rambly letters detailing your cousin’s summer vacation. A unique experience in one tiny package.


These cute critters might be my favorite carolers of the season! Too bad these are not for sale. According to the makers of this awesome card, they’re only going out to a few selected people. Well, we might as well just enjoy watching the pretty darn impressive video then. 🙂

Aside from this pop-up animation card, the studio is also popular for their other short animation films such as Car Park, Wildebeest, Supper, Singing Christmas Hedgehogs, and more! You can view the rest of their amazing stuff on their website or subscribe to their Youtube channel here.


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