This Momma Dog Was Reunited With Her Puppies

The Marin Humane Society shared this heartwarming video of a dog named Cora that was separated from her babies. Cora was surrendered by her owner to the group, but they noticed that the dog was restless. After some scrutiny, the group found out that Cora had recently given birth, but the owner didn’t inform the Humane Society.


This video shows Cora just standing nervously in a corner behind a dog crate until the puppies were released and shown to her one by one. She was hesitant to move in the beginning, but when she sensed that they were her babies, she wagged her tail in delight and appeared to be very thankful to the lady that brought her babies back. The clip also showed Cora running back and forth to the dog carrier clearly making sure that no puppies are gone astray.

This clip made us all realized that dogs are like humans, too. They also feel the sadness, especially the pain of getting separated from their loved ones.


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