Mom Thought Dad Is Not Going To Make It On Their Daughter’s Recital, Watch What Happened Next

It all started with a question “What if you got the chance to do something you always wanted to do, but you had to start today?”.

This father and daughter’s response was: “To spend more time together”. Quaker Canada made it possible and granted their wish.

Although the reason behind this video is to air it as a commercial, Lindsay Ho, marketing manager of Quaker Canada, told that everything we saw on the video was not scripted and the pair belonged to a real Canadian family.

credits:Quaker Canada

The tear-jerking dance recital was totally unexpected. Even the mom, who was a bit upset when she thought her husband couldn’t make it, stood rooted to the spot when she saw her husband dance for the very first time on stage with their daughter. This is probably the most memorable performance of their life. What a beautiful moment to hold on to forever!


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